Personal/Group Training

Personal Training

Personal Training with one of our certified personal trainer. Fitness Coaching for whatever your training goals might be, weight loss, bodybuilding or fitness competition, powerlifting and more!

Training with Ezra –


Training with Evan – $35-$75

First fitness consultation and workout is free with 50% off training for the first month. This opportunity will remain available for sign up until Oct 31 2014!

Your training foundation is built on a comprehensive evaluation including, nutrition, weight, cardiovascular fitness, posture, joint function and exercise history. Based on your profile, a customized program of resistance training, aerobic conditioning, balance and agility/flexibility-based techniques is strategically integrated. The goal: to burn fat, increase strength, lean muscle, power and body control; develop a lean, well-conditioned physique; and encourage longevity and endurance.

Utilizing free weights, kettle bells, TRX suspension training, strongman equipment, free motion equipment, state of the art powerlifting equipment, a turf field, your own body’s resistance, and much more! I will ensure a compelling, progressively challenging experience for men and women of all ages.

I will also assess your current “nutrition component” (daily food and alcohol intake, food allergies, restaurant choices) and weight fluctuations to determine what’s holding you back –and what dietary modifications will speed you forward. I’ll supplement your workouts with a comprehensive nutrition program to kick start your metabolism. A food plan to feed muscle and shed fat that is tailored to your body’s specific needs– with frequently-monitored, measurable goals. One that increases your food choice options, decreases your cravings and loss of control, and is in sync with your continuously changing lifestyle.Together, your Integrated Fitness workouts and nutritional program will improve your fitness, your mood and your life.


Group Training

Strength and Conditioning Classes in a group type setting with people of all ages and fitness levels

Boot Camp – $87/month

The Boot Camp is a results driven and energetic fitness and fat loss workout and a nutrition program that includes a complete breakdown of the steps you will need to take to make the changes you’re seeking. Classes last 30 minutes and include continuous full body functional exercises to optimize fat burning, cardiovascular endurance, strength, posture, and overall well being. The holistic approach that we take to training undoubtedly delivers the best results in terms of changing the way you feel in your daily life and just about yourself in general. Everything you do will feel easier and more enjoyable when you train this way and because you will stay injury free it will last a lifetime.

There is no “typical” day of bootcamp because we use many different kinds of exercises, including individual, partner and team exercises, to execute our training methods and keep things fun!
We welcome all fitness levels and ages of women and men into class. More often than not, there will be others similar to you. Boot camp is in no way intimidating. Everyone at boot camp wants to be in better physical condition and we work together as a fitness family to make the dream come to life!

First week of Boot Camp is FREE with 50% off classes for the first month. 100% money back guarantee for anyone that is not completely satisfied.